Capri from the water

Ah. Ca~pri. One of those places that people all over the world travel to. Whether it’s day tripping or like us a few days of our Italian holiday, there is always something to see or someone to watch ~ on the water, in the Piazza or on the Vespa!

Cave Cruising
Cave Cruising

Yesterday we spent most of our day on the water. Costanza who barely spoke any English, took us on a 4 hour tour around the isle. The weather was beautiful, the water slightly choppy in parts but I sucked it up and just watched the horizon. We booked our own boat so we could stop and swim where we wanted, of course the first time I jumped in I got stung. They actually have jelly fish here, with tentacles as long as your fingers !


We watched large boats, small boats and a lot of those F$$k off boats with 4 jets skis bobbing off the back, just in case someone wanted a ride. It’s weird but you never really see anyone but the crew on those boats.
At the famous Blue cave Grotto, we decided to give it a miss, the queue was ridonkulous and Costa assured us we would see the Bianco Grotto, the Green Grotto and others and be able to swim in some, which you are not allowed to do in the blue cave anyway. Of course I couldn’t get the gopro to work (not having much luck with that). But let’s just say the water was divine and the photos we got from the boat are to die for.image

We weaved our way around the island in our traditional wooden boat, getting a different perspective than from the Vespa the day before. The height of the cliffs and the windy roads are incredible and the history behind how someone chose to build them to get to Marina Piccola for themselves to access the beach, how long did it take and how much did that cost ? Clearly Costa told us but I couldn’t understand a word he said……image

He showed us amazing caves, motored us through natural arches in the rocks and stopped in swimming spots that were so clear you could see coral and fish swimming around us. Happy days .image

This morning, we walked to Augustus Gardens, saw the Krupps path that is currently not safe to walk down due to rock falls and also where all the posh people are staying and shopping and I took photos of amazing doors and gates !!! I can see the page in the book already.image

We have checked out of our hotel and are lying in sun beds at the beach club La Canzone Delmare at Marina Piccola, slightly different to the public beach which I kind of liked but the …. Club sandwich and beer in hand (as it’s cheaper than a sparkling water) are pretty nice! Steve just said ‘this days been a real bitch’ choosing which water to swim in the ocean or the pool .image

We are off to Positano later this afternoon so until then enjoy ! So we say Chiao to our friends at The Capri Wine Hotel….. Highly recommend this wonderful family hotelimage

imageMrs Wong and the baggage handler xx

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