Cosmopolitan Positano and the Amalfi Coast

We loved Capri, what an amazing island in the Mediterranean, but onto our next adventure. Positano ?

Our afternoon boat ride from Capri to Positano was filled with day trippers, and it wasn’t until we arrived into the port that we realised how different the vibe was going to be. It’s just an amazing village that is built on the side of this stunning hillside that somehow has become a city, with divine restaurants and hotels and either we missed the great restaurants in Capri (they were lovely) but here……wow !

The view of the Chiesa just beat our guest house
The view of the Chiesa just bellow our guest house

So back to arriving at the port. We have never been so glad to be asked by one of the porters ” hello do you need help with the bags ? ”  Hell yes, we do.  It was the best 20 Euro we have ever spent and our bags arrived into our room, just after we did. Thank you Mr Porter! I counted the stairs  on the way up to our hotel smack bang in the middle of Positano….. the streets from the beach and port just go up and up and up. There were at over 190 stairs and we walked through cobbled streets filled with other holiday makers, day tripping, browsing and again all up hill.   Approx. 750 metres later, we come to the gates of our Hotel, and yep you guessed it, another set of stairs, well 2 sets actually and its 27 degrees ~ yay team ! All I want to do is go back down the the beach and jump in the water.

Our hotel needs it’s own blog,  so more about that later, lets just say we may never leave ! ❤️❤️❤️

Our first afternoon & evening was spent exploring the local Piazza, where we found a great place for dinner, got to go shopping before and after dinner, which was fun and seemed more relaxed than Capri. It’s not that I didn’t go shopping in Capri, I certainly did!!! But here on Positano there is a lot more choice and a more casual approach to browsing and to not have the hovering sales assistant, is always a bonus as far as I’m concerned, and as for Steve he was happy as they had the boyfriend chair!





Anyways it not just about shopping you know ! We have 4 days here and as we had so much fun on the Vespa in Ca ~pri,  I suggested to Steve that we jump on a scooter and head to Amalfi.  We also are planning to do this incredible walk called the Path of the Gods, and check out Sorrento during our time in Positano so of course Steve didn’t hesitate and before we know it we are on a brand new Honda with the wind in our hair and stopping at the first cool beach we came across called Marina Di Praia.

Beach time Italian style
Beach time Italian style

As we surveyed the crowd, an espresso coffee was needed to -A) figure out parking the scooter  B) where will we sit on the beach ?  C) we don’t even know where we are.   The beaches are hard to get to, as in you often can’t drive all the way down to the sea.  Luckily with this beach, we could pretty much park down on the beach level. So whilst Steve checked the map out and I took photos ? of this gorgeous beach. whilst we enjoyed our coffee in the sun, we contemplated whether we would stay and rent a deck chair, as lying on rocks in not really our thing or just have a quick swim and push on further down the coast to Amalfi….. We are so spoilt with our beaches in Australia and how pretty they are, you don’t pay to go,  they are close by and we have amazing soft sand.  This beach like all on the Italian Amalfi coast is stunning, but I’m not sure if I would want to trek here everyday in summer. There is a lot more to see on these coves filled with cute little boats, restaurants, fishing nets, fishing pots and people enjoying the summer.

A cute little fishing boat named Zoe
A cute little fishing boat named Zoe

Back on the bike and Amalfi is next, but it’s like a zoo so we make a management decision to head up to the beautiful stunning Ravello.

The ride up is to die for, seeing terraced gardens filled with citrus trees lush with fruit, fig trees, tomatoes, zucchini and often all just on the side of a hill, that we wouldn’t think about planting on.

We arrive to yet another Chiesa (church) and a Piazza, filled with small eateries and they all have those big fans and mist spraying as up in the hills it’s even warmer than below. As we wander we can hear music and realize it is coming from these stunning gardens. As we get to the gates of Villa Rufulo, a beautiful family villa thats been opened to the public, filled with ,music and what looks to be an amazing garden, you can’t help but want to visit.  The gardens are simply stunning and they are setting up for an opera in the gardens. The impatient flowers are in full bloom and I’ve never seen color like this before, it’s a stunning location……. and then we see it. The view back down into Alamfi. No words, we just sit and enjoy the music, the summer smells and scents of the garden and realise how truly blessed we are to have this moment.

Rufulo villa
Rufulo villa
Looking down to Amalfi from Ravello
Looking down to Amalfi from Ravello


We return to the road and weave our way through the traffic, down there are NO road rules if you are on a scooter, we have decided they just rule the road . We head back to Positano and head out again to another beautiful traditional restaurant recommended by our host at the guest house .  Now if a few more damn photos would just load, I’d be sooooo happy right now!


  1. jess | 1st Aug 16

    JEALOUS! this place looks great!!

    • The wonky camera | 1st Aug 16

      Jess it’s been amazing ! We have loved every bit of it and even the smoking isn’t as bad here….. They have a couple of smoke free bars.if only they did that at the beach ! Xx

  2. Alan | 1st Aug 16


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