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Queenstown NZ
Queenstown NZ

So for a while now I  had this plan that I would like to start a blog……  and of course, I had no idea about SEO’s, back end, front end, that was always someone else’s job.

I follow some amazing people on Instagram, mostly photographers and saw this day course #thetravelbootcamp. So a few weeks ago, I went to Double Bay and attended the boot camp where we had 3 amazing ladies, chat about their journey’s. Very inspirational.  I can’t believe so many people do this for a living and actually get paid to travel!

It’s not really what I am planning, however I met some awesome new Instagram friends,  all in my genre of age-young! A couple of babes in the wood, all happy, funny and willing to learn, and a few about to head off on a journey around OZ and learning to write blogs!  We all had a busy fun day, learning skills that even for my own personal blog I know have already helped.

Fast forward to right now.

Wow, what a steep learning curve! Static content, web site ideas, oh my goodness where do I start ?  I already had a word press account,  but that was it. To be truthfully honest  after a few days of  youtube, endless attempts going no where, I ended up paying someone @Mojo Market place, to set up my website once I saw a style I liked, and wa-la here I am!

Struggling a little mostly because my beloved photographs will not behave and I’m having trouble loading many of them.  So for now, most of this it is just written words, which clearly a blog is, however, I want to be able to share our travels with photos and our adventures.

Fingers Crossed I master this and get it sorted before our next trip.

Soon : Amalfi and Croatia- July/August 2016.


Lynda ( Mrs Wong)



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