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Addie meeting her daddyOur 10-year-old golden labrador, Daisy, died recently. I miss having a dog around, but with a couple of overseas holidays planned, now it probably not the best time to get a new puppy. Is it??

My sister Lisa, already has a 1 yr. old border collie, and last week, a new 9 week old new border collie pup Beau. They picked Beau up last Monday and then came to visit…. My brother in law Glenn, showed me a photo of the last little pup in the litter, a golden little girl. He also sent a pic of her to Steve and said we should talk!

Oh dear…….. Considering we had already spent $500 at the pet store and I had chosen a name, as Steve and I drove to the Hunter Valley to see the breeder, and the puppy, there wasn’t much chance ADDIE wouldn’t be coming home with us.


Sisters with their new fur babies
Sisters with their new fur babies

We left with a list of instructions, including her next vaccination (due this week), chicken wings, dog food, apple cider vinegar tips and a few other holistic ideas for our new puppy. On our way home, we stopped at my sisters house so Addie could see her brother Beau. We didn’t stay long as we were being texted and called asking when we were getting home with the puppy.

Needless to say, Addie, has been welcomed with open arms and is just as happy playing hide and seek in the garden bed as she is with her new fluffy toys.

Marcus puppy proofed the garden today and she is now safe to roam around chasing her own tail and chew leaves and sticks.

Welcome to our family Addie, we are sure you will be well loved and spoilt especially in the next 3 weeks while we are away….. Be a good girl won’t you.

PS I can’t believe your daddy let you onto our bed this morning!image


  1. Lisa | 23rd Jul 16

    And aren’t they gorgeous? Aren’t you glad now that Glenn sent you both the photo

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