Who is Mrs Wong ??

In 2002, I went on a road trip with 2 of my buddies, Diane and Lindy. We flew to Melbourne Victoria, as a surprise for Lindy’s 40th Birthday.

Heading out of the city, in our soft top convertible Saab – Thelma and Louise style, we thought we were pretty cool with our matching scarves (and excess of baggage that barely fitted in the car). I was Bridget Jones as we all know T & L are a duo 🙂

On our 4 day tour of Victoria, we enjoyed a magical sunrise hot air balloon ride & champagne breakfast at Chateau Yering in the beautiful Yarra Valley.  Di, Lindy and I wine tasted, shopped and toured the beautiful country. Our travels, also took us down to the Great Ocean Road, where we stopped to see the 12 Apostles.

As we walked down to the edge of the cliffs and boardwalks to the viewing platforms, a bus load of Japanese tourists arrived…… It was so funny on this cool crisp morning, having all these tourists pushing and shoving to get the best camera shot!

I had 2 or 3 different cameras hanging off my arm snapping away and Lindy called me Mrs Wong!

Needless to say, my love of photography and obsession with the latest and greatest camera or gadget has continued and the name has stuck!

This trip also brought about our love for the heavy bag competition, she who leaves home or returns with the heavy bag sticker is a winner…. It was also one of many trips we have now taken along with our other buddy Wendy, we affectionally call ourselves  “the Gang of Four” –  but that’s another story 🙂

For those you you that know me….. I scrapbooked the Sh$t out this !


  1. little diggers | 13th Jul 16

    where is Wendy ?

  2. Sandy | 23rd Jul 16

    Like your blog, hope you landed safely enjoy your holiday. Looking forward to following your trip. Enjoying a weekend with Lisa , Glenn and mark on the central coast. Beau is so cute. Sandy

    • The wonky camera | 25th Jul 16

      He’s very cute Sandy! Arrived and loving every minute of the Italian culture xx

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