Can someone please find my boat ?

Boats in Stari Grad. No cars parked here
Boats in Stari Grad. No cars parked here

The Wongster has decided to spend time with me blogging…..normally I do this early in the morning or late at night, however this past few days in Croatia, the wongster has embraced the blog and so I’m taking dictation: go Mr Wong !

Nope he’s crap at this, I’ll handle it and you can value add if I think it’s worth it ?

Leaving Split a few days ago we had an early 7am wake up call and a yummy brekki back at the restaurant where Steve got in trouble the day before, and then headed to our boat ride to Hvar…but not before I found a dress for me, the Wheeler girls birthday presents, a cute rug that I’m sure Addie will destroy, and I happened to misplace the credit card. Seriously the look on Mr Wongs face!!!! “I’m in charge of payments and passports, your in charge of shopping.” He said and I replied “Well how am I supposed to shop without a c/card????”

Anyway I knew I had accidentally lost The credit card n the rubbish bag in our room, so don’t panic just go and get it. In my head I said “I’ll wait here” but clearly management didn’t hear that thought bubble… I waited and then I went back to the hotel then back to the shop and then back to the hotel…… As I was exiting the hotel for the 3rd time, bam there he is Mr control freak asking me where I had been whilst he has been at the breakfast restaurant taking photos of his new friends from Adelaide! It’s so funny when you are on holidays because you aren’t attached to your mobile phone so you just have to go old school and figure it out…..

Anyway 1 hour on our ferry from Split to the island of Hvar that was cheek to jowl, and hello Hvar I’m never coming home!

We arrived on one side of the harbour and had to walk along the promenade to other side and Wa- la welcome to your hotel! We are staying at the Adriana Spa hotel right on the water in the harbour !image

In our room we have a small courtyard and an even smaller view of the Water, however as this is the view from the The top our bar and swim area of the hotel … Who friggin cares oh wait Steve does !

Roof pool n bar area
Roof pool n bar area
Whine time !
Whine time !

Seriously get over it, whine about the air con, that’s fine but we are here in Hvar !!!!!!!

The most prettiest little Harbour I have ever seen …. Harbors are normally noisy and not fun but not Hvar its full and I mean full of boats- the f$ck off ones, yachts, water taxis, dinghies, inflatables and that’s before your get to the people moving ferries and catamarans.
Oh wait it’s lunch time lets have a sneaky Pinot Gris and a club sandwich which arrives and it’s clearly on steroids and we should have shared! Never mind eat what you want and leave the rest !

imageThere is an indoor pool that is a salt water infinity pool with sky lights above. Steve is in heaven , I’m in heaven because the sun beds are awesome and that’s right I’m never going home!

We walked and got our bearing of the square and all its little cute bars and restaurants, found Fig that Mikayla from work had recommended and then came back down to Seven the current go to place by all the cool people ( I heard a local wanker say that ) and we sat and drank, some more than others and people watched and critiqued all and sundry and the more we drank the funnier we got!!! I love people holiday watching, its like 30 degrees I have a deadly cocktail in my hand and sitting and watching how all these people from all over the world blend, is amazing considering all the crap that is going on in the world ! Cheers to us and all our friends around the world !

Because we are so content we just crab a slice of THE Yummiest pizza I think I have ever had, I don’t eat it that often but seriously I was fighting Steve for my share which I would not normally do !   I’m done let’s sleep and reconvene at 7am for a run/walk in this pretty gorgeous little town….OMG !

Who sets the alarm on holidays oh we do as you have to be punished for all the beer and pizza you ate ….. Stairs, lanes and more stairs and we are sweating buckets, but clearly we are looking ok because a guy riding a bike hands both Steve and I a flyer about the Hvar half marathon…… I can hardly make it back to the hotel and he wants me to run 21 k’s in 2 weeks time ?

Any ways we have brekki in the hotel and you name it they have it goats milk, wheat germ, goats butter and fresh. Beetroot carrot or ginger juice ….. I’ll have a water and poached eggs thanks !!!

Yesterday afternoon,we had pre booked the scooter, as its peak season, and we wanted to circumnavigate the whole island, so we wanted a big scooter so we could be comfortable and know we weren’t on a 50cc scooter up the hills ! We left a deposit last night, with a guy who I am sure was 12 , so we aren’t overly confident ….. us oldies …. but needless to say we arrived at 9-30 am and there it was a 200 cc Piaggio that was raring to go and so were we!

imageNo map but we have seen a map of the island so it can’t be that hard ! Turn left Clyde…. Whoops we view the kamp ground called Vira auto Kamping, and I have to say I’m a happy camper and these sights are to die for. Finally we head in the right direction and it’s a bit eeny meeny miney moe! Ok Jesla it is, followed by Pokrvenik, and then by Sucuraj….. Just imagine playing scrabble with city names ! Sucuraj is 77 Km’s from Hvar Harbour. So we have seen the island !image

We swam at all of these beautiful little towns built around a square and a church and all have the most stunning little beaches!

imageA great day out, stopping swimming meeting new friends ….. It was 39 degrees and I don’t think I have ever just ridden a scooter without protective clothing but a helmet works with swimmers and sneakers doesn’t it ….. There is a massive tunnel well actually it felt like it but really it was just under 2 k’s that cuts through the top of the mountain and there on the other side is an amazing road, that is a bike riders dream, curves and views but don’t look at the view whilst riding ! Imagine a really long ride to west head that just doesn’t end……  It just goes on an on.

Of course when we got to the other end its stinking hot, so we put on our new dolphin club beach shoes, because we are over the stones getting in and out of the water even in the little bays the drop off is quite steep.image

Water and stones make for pretty colors and Steve's not bad either
Water and stones make for pretty colors and Steve’s not bad either

On our way back we stop and visit Stari Grad ….. Stunning it’s like a fairy city or imagine you have just arrived on the Gold Coast at  Dreamworld and they have all those sets of old style building and paved paths and cute little gardens and fish in the channels and then you see all the boats parked like you would at the local shops no cars here !

imageJust cuteness overload it’s clean and fun filled with sailing boats and seems to have a lot of the sail Croatia flotilla all lined up along the docks.

Where did I park the boat?
Where did I park the boat?

We go swimming here around the bay and seriously someone check we have a pulse. We arrive back into town in time for a drink and for some blogging before we head out to dinner at Lucullus, where we have a stunning fine dining meal with Croatian wine great service and a hangover…. Which isn’t usually my fault but I ordered a 2nd bottle of wine !

Needless to say the waiter who thinks we are great fun suggests a night club in town, Carp Diem seriously this little harbour is going off and we can’t believe it!

A recovery day was needed today….. The pool, the beach the pool and lunch at the famous Hula Hula Bar which we loved ! It’s crazy busy and very busy however service and food were great!

A nana nap and here we are again on our last night in Hvar people watching and blogging!!!  Be sad the leave all this ….. I now have Dubrovnik on my mind



  1. Lisa | 5th Aug 16

    My god you’ll need a holiday when you get home. Beautiful photos. Loving the blog xx

    • The wonky camera | 6th Aug 16

      Missing our baby 3 more days and we start the treck home xx

  2. Beccy | 5th Aug 16

    Ah, the people watching! I LOVE that you’re loving it – your pics are amazing! ?

    • The wonky camera | 6th Aug 16

      My fav thing to do on holidays people watch ! It gets better n better had our first day in Dubrovnik love it xx

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