Dinner at the Spice Route~Delhi

In the Imperial Hotel where we were staying was a restaurant that’s deemed to be in the top 10 restaurants of the world, and we now know why.img_1920

On our first night in Delhi our little group of sari sisters, was introduced to this magnificent restaurant and the story behind it by the restaurant manager, dressed in his tuxedo and sharing beautiful stories of the nine stage of life.

The restaurant has been designed to depict and reflect not on the journey of spices from Kerala along the Malayan coast down through the Asian countries of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia,Malaysia and Thailand. spices back then was a very powerful currency travelling into Europe and North East Africa. And obviously still is today with saffron, pepper corns and turmeric etc.

By the time the manager started talking to us about the circle of life from the Indian Hindu philosophy most of us were emotional and had tears in our eyes and love in our hearts as he talked about the rooms, what we realised it’s not about what you do have but what you do with those you love and treasure. From young love, rat bag teenage years through into finding your 1 true love…..

The 9 stages of life ~ knowledge Artha Karma Moksha, help and support, creativity, relationship, fate and fortune, wealth, ancestral and good food and health.

The wealth room is insured for $700,000 alone as its painted with gold, has artefacts from all over South East Asia , yep all gold, and some are behind glass windows .

The is a clay wall of tiny angels that blind monks carved with the hands and love.

The teak wood is from transported from a 16th century temple, The art is stunning, that are painted with fruit and vegetable dyes that took 7 years to create to the Karma Sutra wall that was interesting ? and as the manager said a little bit naughty!

The design in stunning the ambience dreamy and as we sat at a round table sharing great food with great friends it was an emotional moment for us all.

The food we ate was an Asian banquet for all over South East Asia, so no Indian tonight, although Claudie did order us Indian wine!

We entered the restaurant the way we entered the world 1 at a time and left in the same single file. The Hindus believe in the after life and re birthing so for them leaving is the most beautiful part of all.

Nameste ??????


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