Otters, Ice hockey and good old Family fun

Hey World !

Vancouver ~ did you know it rains in Winter? Oh well, our apre boots, beanies, scarves, thermals & gloves all got an extra work out ~ 2 of our 3 days in da Hoover! I can hear you all laughing at me … I have enough trouble with the phone and car keys ! Haha “where is my hat” “anyone seen my” too funny !
We arrived late on the Tuesday night into Vancouver, it snowed till half way down the mountain on the sea to sky highway and drizzled the rest of the way into Vancouver city. Our Hotel L’ Hermatige, is ‘downtown’ right near the shopping streets. Good choice Lisa. Vancouver feels very New York, just quieter until you go into a mall and the boxing week sales are on, and there is people everywhere or no stock ! Go figure.

Our first morning we have breaki in the hotel and then set off on foot via the Fairmont to see if we can walk the dog they have. What an awesome idea ! Unfortunately nope they are both already booked. The Canucks are dog mad ! They are everywhere and I’ve never seen so many doggy shops in my life! And don’t start me on the toys, coats and rubber booties for puppies!

Way to cool for school! Just like the temperature ~ chilly !
There are lots of hip areas, Yaletown, Gastown all with in walking distance.
It’s rained for 2 of our 3 days here but we hiked it out to Stanley Park to see the indigenous totem poles, visited the most amazing aquarium I have ever been in and as for the Otters we are all in love!❤ They are bigger than we thought but so so adorable . Did you know their fur is only attached in 6 places on their bodies ? So they can move it to snuggle under, lift it up so they can blow air on themselves to stay warm or cool down and when they sleep they lie in their backs and hold hands so they don’t float away from each other ❤

IMG_7693 IMG_7702 IMG_7704

At the aquarium they have theatre hosting The Polar Express movie in a shortened 20 minute 4D version. Wow it was amazing, smelling hot chocolate and pine trees as though you were there, and the seats rattled and rolled like we were on the train too. Very well done.


IMG_7662 IMG_7663 IMG_7668

the Aquarium- Vancouver

We walked home which is probably a 8km round trip via the local IGA to grab some nibbles. While there we purchased an Iga food bank parcel, that they then give to a homeless person, another great idea!
Then we are off again! Ice hockey at Rogers stadium another walk a few blocks down to watch the Vancouver Canucks V LA kings…. We have awesome seats thanks to Lana and Craig sorting that out in Whistler.
Of course we contributed to the Canucks empire – geez ! The 2 level store was 10 deep just to buy a cap or sweater etc!
Check us out !


Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey

Their slogan is “we are all Canucks”.
Vancouver won 2-1 and was the last home game for the next 15 games ….. a great night and then home for a few quiet Ales for some, social media for others and a general laugh!
The next morning we run downstairs and book the cool n groovy Medina Cafe next door for breakfast ….. the 40 minute wait is so worth it. Again it reminds a few of us of Baltazar in NYC, the coffee is to die for and the food simply stunning. Lana, Lisa and I go for the chartreuse board -soft boiled egg with artison sourdough soldiers a piece of avo sliced cold meats, tomato and olive tapenade….. heaven!

This sets us up for another walk to Yale town, yep in the rain again but hey we are on holidays, so Ya just gotta do it 🙂

Then it’s on the Aquabus the cutest little toot toot tug boat you have ever seen to Granville Island and some amazing food stores in a public market area and an even better store called ~ Make ~ with all these quirky things to buy…. poor Steve always carries my bags however Lana and Jess have added to his back pack ! Add to this our Puffer jackets that Santa got us beanies, gloves, oh and soggy wet umbrellas…


public transport to Granville Island

We have a great day before we head home and farewell the Mennie family. Our 12 in Whistler has become 9 in Vancouver and now it’s 4 as they head home to Sydney and we have 1 more day in Vancouver….. we are all so blessed to have had the best 2 weeks together…. see you soon Craig, Lisa, Hunter,Fletcher and Darcy thanks for being awesome travel buddies.

We decide to have a cruise around the shops and then to catch and kill your own dinner, which means I’m not in charge, make your own choice. Steve and I go outside and use the hotels pool and spa (I think I’ve almost talked him into getting one back home!). Then we have a snack dinner as we pre pack bags ready for tomorrow. The plan is to sleep in, check out and wander down to the water front. And what a great plan! We sleep in till almost 9am finish packing, checkout and as the girls are hangry we grab waffles and coffee to go from Medina next door and walk to Gastown and the Canada centre. A friend has recommended the Canada Flyover. An awesome 3D ride all over Canada … you strap in and fly all over the country – was an awesome recommendation thanks Karen !

We finish off with a quick stop at the Pacific centre and a shop in Robson st.

As we  now sit in the Lounge trying to get this posted before we fly to Honolulu!

CANADA- You have been amazing I know we will all be back one day…. right now it’s nice to be thermal free and sitting in a t shirt ~ Hawaii here we come.
So while it’s still the 30th December here it’s New Years Eve at home in Oz so to all our loved ones, friends and families~ Happy New year and may 2017 be awesome for all of you….
Mrs W ❤


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