“You can’t be brave if you don’t feel the fear” !!!!!!

Hello world!

Our last 2 days in Whistler truly were a combo of a white Christmas and a winter wonderland… we laughed as we fell or pushed each other over in 22cms of fresh powder snow, it’s soft and fluffy- not wet or slushy and just the ‘funniest’ thing ever.

The lines are snow falling ❄️

I of course got pounded into the snow ….. by both Steve and Craig as we played silly buggers, shoulder pushing each other walking home. Of course I got them back with big handfuls of cold white stuff to the face and neck hahaha. The walk to and from the village was so pretty and we really enjoyed it, all rugged up and wearing our apre boots we were snug and warm as we trekked through centimetres of snow.

The village life is pretty and peaceful, the snow falls quietly around you, catching on your face or nose. It lands on your head and shoulders to give you a sugar coating.

Although we only went out for a few meals, we didn’t see too much night life after 10-30pm……a full day skiing followed by dinner and drinks that’ll do me. Bed…..
It’s so dark it feels late anyway, and unfortunately we did have to set the alarm so we didn’t sleep till 10am and miss those fresh tracks in the powder!

Most of us skied everyday but our last day the girls had the morning off for a little retail therapy and Hunter joined Marcus, Craig and Steve on a boy ski morning, They were all exhausted after a couple of hours and met us in the village for a light lunch, telling stories of  Marcus almost getting so much air he was hanging off the chair lift, to Steve who hit powder big time and went ski tip first into it, before we all went home to start packing ….. Well that was before it snowed and snowed and snowed. Watch a gonna do ???  We played in the snow ❄️ ❄️️ ❄️ had a spa and then went in to town again to watch the fire and ice show …. it was ok, or maybe we were tired …. we only watched half before we sent to big cousins ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍? to dinner  with the little cousins ?‍?‍? at The old spaghetti Factory, whilst Craig, Lisa, Steve and I went to Teppan Village …. Omg best steak I think I have ever had at Teppanyaki!
Another snow fight on the way home ahhhhh it’s been awesome.

Our last day dawned and it was a doozy cars had to be dug out trenches created to ge to the cars and that packing finally had to be done !
And of course we also had Marcus and Kelsey to pack into our mother of a car ….. 7 bags, 3 carry ons and a massive board bag did I mention we had 4 back packs? Our 8 seater had to become a 5 seater with that much luggage … not so squeezy and nobody fart and Jess had to be adopted by he Mennie’s again!

We loaded the cars and headed into the village for a sneaky breakfast….. yep pancakes or banana bread french toast … the coffee was great too !

After breaki we were off for our next adventure ZIP Lining all morning we were being chanted to by Steve ‘you can’t be brave if you don’t feel the fear ‘
What an awesome experience there were different levels of tours you could do according to Lisa there were scary ones or really scary ones….. Jess joined the Mennie family on the Bear scary tour, whilst the rest of us joined the eagle tour. Soaring through the snow capped pine trees, the first run was a long one over a creek that you could do together! Marcus n Jared went first then Kelsey and Lana followed by Steve and myself …. it was so unbelievable they asked you to pull your legs up and cannon ball as it was snowing and the line might be slow ! Hahaa I squealed with delight and laughed as the guide at the end flicked the breaks on. Marcus was his usual anything goes dare devil so he was in fine form !
It was a good work out trekking through snow is like walking on sand hard work !
We climbed tree houses and suspension bridges and all in the name of fun!
The only thing we wished was that we had done this on our first day as I’m pretty sure we would all have wanted to do it again !

Our time in Whistler finished with us leaving Jared to his mates and Marcus and Kelsey at the cab rank as they head off for another 8 days at a b n b…. Accommodation is in extremely short supply this year as I’m sure there are more Aussies than Canuks here at the moment!

The down side to lots of snow is the view at Squamish along Vancouver. island is covered in fog and snow clouds…… oh well next time. Our 12 has become 9 in Vancouver or VAN-Hoover as the kids young and old have been  saying loud and proud!

So Van Hoover here we come and I can honestly say we will be back !!

love you’s all

Mrs W x

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