New York in the Summer



 Having been here for around 9 days now, we have seen and done and spent a lot on food, drinks, live shows and of course those shops. Unlike Australia there a limited shopping malls in NYC.

They have shops everywhere, whether you are in Time Square, the garment district or about to climb Rockerfeller. In case anyone is interested there are 4 Anthropologie stores in Manhattan and I have been to all of them…..

After our amazing sunset cruise on Friday, we awoke on Saturday to pouring rain. I have to say our apartment is wonderful but it is very dark and we need lights on all the time, we face the back of the building, the blinds are permanently down and therefore the light ( in my opinion) is draining and zaps the energy out of the room.

We have had to set an alarm to wake up some days as its hard to know if its 5.00am or 7.00am
First world problems, I know but when you have 4 girls on tour each with a list of where they want to go , we are going to run out of time. I have now been to NYC 4 times and am still experiencing 1st’s.

So change of plans. Central Park will be another day, but today, lets go shopping. New Yorkers all wear designer gum boots as the water gushes down the streets and avenues and you get quite wet. As I don’t have any, the good old Havianas are a trusty back up ?
We all go in different directions, Di heads to Moma for the day and I take Lindy and Wendy down to 34th St, to Macy’s and the biggest Victoria’s Secret shop. Of course as I said before there are shops every where and once the girls feel comfortable I leave them and head down to the Flatiron district as I have seen a photography store! Heaven- I love it and my new friend in the store -Trie helps me sort out some photos ( from previous holidays) and I am having them printed onto blocks to continue the art work I already have at home.
As we all mosey on home, via Luke’s Lobster  (have I told you I have got the girls addicted). We all chill out before we head out to get a massage and nails painted before our date night at the Rose pop up bar on the 65th Floor- Rainbow Room at the Rockerfeller centre.

It certainly was amazing! We of course had to stay as it was raining and pouring again. Lightning was on display and as we had to use our voucher for the top of the rock, we just stayed until it cleared for our night time view over the city….. It was warm had stopped raining and wasn’t too crowded. So a fun night was had by all.


Saturday arrived and brilliant sunshine too. Brooklyn Grange was on my list and we treck out to Long Island to see this an amazing urban farm on a roof top. They have built these wonderful commercial gardens, on roof tops- that can hold them as obviously when you are dumping 3000 lbs of soil onto a roof it needs to be able to!
They are over on Long island and Brooklyn at the old Naval yard, and the educate and share their practices of sustainability produce masses of fruit vegetables, honey and also keep chickens! I loved it the others not so much but hey we are all here sharing our favourites. (I’ll blog more about Brooklyn grange and the programs they do there later).

Our Uber brings us back over to Manhattan from Long Island and we have a quick meat sandwich and salad,in at Grand Central station,  before Di heads off to a trade fair with a friend also here from Sydney and the rest of us head down to see the charging bull and the little girl, brass statues, in the Financial district near Wall St.

You could barely see the bull ( and its huge) for the crowds, although we did hang out with the little girl and her attitude as she stares down the bull! It’s hot and about 30 degrees, so I suggest we jump on the free Staten Island ferry To cross the East river and return. It’s a little cooler on the water as we cruise past The Statue of Liberty again, this time in the sunshine.After another epic 7 hour day out an about I choose to stay home tonight, Di goes out to Dinner with her friend from Sydney and Lindy and Wendy brave the South Park Musical “book of Mormon”.

As my photos are taken in the a high resolutuion I’m having trouble uploading them, so i will have to create a gallery when i get home.

Till next time

Mrs Wong  xoxo


  1. Wendy | 22nd Aug 17

    Lynda your amazing… love reading about our travels

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