A beautiful kind of day…..

We are having the best time in this wonderful city…… so much to see and do and therefore a plan is needed each day.

Empire State Building

Today was a cruisey day, we got up early and ventured to the Empire State Building.  An Art Deco inspired lobby sets the scene for the 86 odd levels to the top via a very fast lift.
The views are always mind blowing, seeing Manhattan from so high up, out to Brooklyn and New Jersey. The 3 bridges that link the Island of Manhattan- Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg.  It’s quite early 8.00am, so we missed a lot of the crowds and had a great trip up.

Back down on street level and a quick walk downtown to breakfast at Eataly before we hit the subway to arrive into Grand Central station, another beautiful art deco styled train station, where people, family and friends have been meeting under the clock tower there for years and years.

We wander through the stores, go to see the whispering corners where you whisper into one archway and your friend, buddy, lover is in the other corner and can hear what you have said.

The roof at Grand central is covered in with beautiful gold zodiac symbols


A stroll back to 5th Ave and 42nd street past the New York State Library to see Patience and Fortitude, the world renowned lions that grace the steps of this gorgeous old library. I have never been inside, so we pop in for a quick look see before coming home for a nap……


This afternoon we Went to a performance of the Carole King Story called ‘Beautiful’, and it certainly was. None of us had any idea she and her then husband wrote so many well known songs from back in the day. Hits like Locomotion, the Shirelles no1 smash hit ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’, and songs for the band the Monkey’s.

We laughed, cried , sang along and had a wonderful couple of hours at a Broadway hit musical…… the cast was unbelievable!


The bike rickshaws offering theatre guests a lift home…..

After much deliberation, we all needed time out as we have been up early, out late and even when we get home…. we sit and chat, so we decided to have an early night…. a quick trip down to Chelsea Market for some food and our roast dinner is packed up ready take home and eat, wine of course is also purchased and we head upstairs to our roof top. Our early night is still a midnight session.

Ah New York in the summer….. buzzing streets below the night cooling off after a 30 degree day and chilled out friends sharing food and wine and a few stories that won’t be mentioned here.

Good night world

Mrs Wong x


  1. Alan | 18th Aug 17

    Good update.

  2. Mimi | 18th Aug 17

    Love it? it doesnt matter wher you go, its who’s beside you that counts? what a magical trip x

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