P.A.C.K.I.N.G for a trip away…..

I’m heading to New York City in a week’s time, and a friend has asked me to share how and what I pack when I travel.

Obviously depending on where you go, cultural requirements must be considered, however NYC in the summer …… Anything goes. Being a cosmopolitan city they tend to dress a little more up market, so if you are out shopping and decide to hit a little roof top bar for a  glass of Rosé you can!

A couple of weeks out from travelling is a great time for me to start to plan what I will be taking along in my suitcase on my next adventure…… With  a rather abundant wardrobe, I do find I have a collection of  holiday fav’s that I like to pack. Summer light dresses for beach style trips to Bali, Fiji or Thailand.  Shorts and pretty tops are a staple for a European summer, along with swim wear, neutral sandals and of course that little black dress is always required for sipping Prosecco whilst people watching or doing a fancy pants cooking course in India!

I’m also the layer queen, so slip dresses with cotton layers that mix and match work well for me along with a black and white singlet, these are my go to travel clothes. My favourite shoes to travel with are the saltwater sandals…… They can be worn to the beach, shopping, riding a bike and out to dinner. And of course this leaves room for buying shoes, whilst away!

imageTo start to pack I try to get a colour sequence happening.  I line up all the fav’s that have been chosen and depending on how long I’m travelling for, I usually plan 4 day/4 night combos, for 2-3 week trips, unless I’m on a shopping tour then it’s usually the clothes I wear on the plane plus 2 more out fits.

My next plan is to cull my chosen outfits and only pack whatever treasures I have chosen, that fit into a carry on bag. This way if you over pack or over shop you still have a carry on bag to use. image

I love cottons, linens and silks, that can be dressed up or down and layered for warmth or cultural moments.

imageIt’s hard sometimes to get a balance, especially when you have decided not to pack your favourite denim shorts.  I’m a great packer but Im also an A grade shopper so I try to allow for extra purchases, that fall into my bag!  Most hotels have laundry service available so if you are staying for 2 nights it’s a great opportunity to get your laundry done.

I always travel with a Sards wonder soap stick. It’s great for spills on clothes (check the label first) and I use hotel hand soap for smaller items and wash them in the hand basin or shower. If you wring them out in a towel to absorb most of the moisture, they usually dry over night.

I usually also take minimal jewellery and never pack anything I don’t want to lose.  I’ve lost couple of  favourite necklaces from “plonking them down” somewhere never to be seen again.  Of course this also helps with the dreaded scanning X-ray machines at busy airports. Whilst I love to people watch and enjoy the buzz of an airport ( think Love Actually) it’s also my least favourite travel time, all that 3 hours before and belts and shoes off -any time not spent at an airport when travelling is a bonus unless you are in the lounge of course!

New York – Im coming at you with a few gal pals. Bring on the sunshine, rooftop bars, Farmers markets  and making memories with my ” gang of 4 friends”





  1. Mimi Reynolds | 13th Aug 17

    Mrs Wong from Collaroy, Australia.
    Great Blogging, thanks for bringing us along on the remarkable world adventures? who cares if you have a wonky camera. Your eye for details surely makes up for it. Sending so much love and magic wishes to you and the gal pack. Time to take NYC
    Big hugs xoxo

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