A room with a view in Vegas ….. Baby!

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I guess it really depends on what you get up to…..   I have lucked into a work junket with my partner Steve, he is going to work and I’m trying to cram 12 days into 3….. well that’s what Steve thinks, and he is probably correct but don’t tell him I said that!

Steve is here to attend the SEMA convention- ‘where creativity meets cars’ and pretty much its classed as the biggest thing on the planet in the automotive world and if you aren’t there you aren’t in the clique. This year it’s the 49th show and the 38th time its been at the convention centre in Las Vegas and has over 6,000 exhibitors.  Now I would LOVE to tell you more but I would be making it up because I’m not actually going. I got a LEAVE Pass, not an entry pass and am off to see the sights.

We are staying at the Bellagio….. you know the one with the fountains that “perform” to anything from Frank Sinatra to Opera, to you can pay to have what ever you want play with a hefty price tag. The fountains ‘dance’ in front of the hotel with the music and lights and shoot up more than 300 metres, souring through the air. We saw a similar performance in Barcelona called the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, and like most things needs to be seen to be believed. The size of this fountain here at the Bellagio is unbelievable! I’ll post a photo later tonight when it’s all lit up.

Of course they offer you an upgrade to a view room or a suite whatever you want really!

They also have a conservatory and a Botanical garden that 120 employees create stunning seasonal displays changes. The city is just on steroids, each hotel has an attraction- from the pink “real live flamingos’ at the Flamingo, to a Volcano at the Mirage. A gondola ride at the Venitian Hotel perhaps? And don’t even get me started on the buffets, seriously! I just don’t know how anyone can eat that much and the walk well actually get a taxi to the other end of the strip and ride the wicked roller coaster……. I think it should be called the Vomitron.

The iconic Vegas strip is only around 7 kilometres but it feels like 20 and like New York has 5 distinct areas. the North and South Strip, Downtown and of course –   off strip and centre strip!  From the Famous ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign all the way to the roller coaster.

They actually have a museum for Neon- as in the signs as there is so many of them and most of them a very famous. I’m hoping to find it!

The arts, the shows, the casinos in the airport as soon as you land, waiting at the baggage carousel ……….. 3 days in not really going to cut it but hey… I love a good taste test and it’s always fun to have an excuse to go back!

Well we have been lying by the pool for a couple of hours resting our eyes as we arrived at 4.00am Tuesday Sydney time…… I have to say I feel a bit left out – I think everyone in Vegas has had a boob job…… It feels like we are on Boobwatch,  so it’s time to rock and rock the monorail to get Steve’s pass for the convention and find Anthropologie my addiction.


Mrs Wong xx






  1. Wendy | 31st Oct 17

    Whoo hoo! Another Anthropologie store to visit!

    • The wonky camera | 1st Nov 17

      Omg and it was a good one Wendy….. i may have done some damage and I got you some beige undies from Victoria’s Secret x

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