Eating our way through Bali with a side of shopping


Today was a good day. I wet my pants and some how spat water out of my nose as I was laughing so much- whilst consuming water!

The Grocer and Grind Cafe will never be the same again or maybe they just won’t let us back. Yes it was a “you had to be there moment” but I’m sharing with my friends and family- before the family I am travelling with tell you!

Our day started early….. we are all early risers, quick few laps of the pool, a walk around the block and we are ready to go. Actually we all just got up and dressed and walked to my friend Lee’s apartment, where we met her friend and now new business partner Putu, a lovely local who grew up west of Ubud and knows the back roads!

We headed to a small cafe that we had stalked on Instagram called Sea Circus! It did not disappoint, from the bold painting of the building that matches their menus, the yummy coffee served with a tiny ANZAC cookie, frangipani flower and a quote that I have been living by for about 12 years now….. it made my heart smile.




The food was deliciously yummy  and enjoyed by the 4 of us.  Banana & ricotta pancakes, smashed avo with feta and cherry tomatoes on toast, corn fritters and a yummy granola chia bowl with fruit and toasted coconut with a little low fat yoghurt = divine. They also have a cute little hangover pick me up!

The decor is so gorgeous in a 1960 garden furniture way that reminds me of my Nana’s back yard- along with modern artwork, quotes and hand made porcelain lamp shades made by Samantha Robinson. Oh and FYI she has a shop around the corner and the cute little dresses the waitresses are wearing at the cafe- well they sell them at the shop around the corner too!

Anyway after we got a roadie coffee to go, (the best coffee I have had in Bali yet), our little tour ventured 2 stores down to the Bali Boat House store for the cute little dresses plus lots of Christmas presents. We then walked a few more doors past the Les Biches shop and got a quick pic of Jess and Lisa, past Motel Mexicola ( going there on Thursday night), to the Samantha Robinson store where of course a few things fell in my bag……. Hand luggage!!!!



It was after this that I had my water explosion and we called for Putu to come and collect us and we headed for the Canggu area, that I used to called Batu Bolong and Berawa, they are now suburbs of the area.

Anyway Canggu is actually quite spread out near the surf beaches and not that easy to get to by taxi as the streets are really narrow, they also have limited access to Taxis, as its a fair way out. Mostly scooter transport out here…..

Putu handled it like a pro driving these “community” streets that are actually not owned by the government, but by the farmers, and therefore that is why they are narrow, no pathways to walk on just the road and you need to pay attention.

Just like the old Bali I remember from years ago. Scooters going the right way, the wrong way, parked in the dumbest places, carrying a family of 4 with parents in helmets and the kids with none! Ah yes WHS is alive and well in all parts of Bali –  not! And as Lisa says “road rules seem to be advisory only here!”

As I jumped a water Channel to take a photo of ‘the fields of Bali’, Putu asked me if this would be like this in Australia, I told him no, there would be huge fines for having a large drain open that someone could and probably would break their leg in, then they would sue the council and bla bla bla….. ah yes and look at all those wires just hanging down yep only in Asia does it happen.






Homewares stores at the ready we visit the 3 different locations of Bungalow living along with Jungle traders, Style and Mood, The Cotton cloud store and Billi’s.

All of these homewares stores are beautifully decorated with flowers, just divine.  It has been a big festival weekend called Kunigan this festival follows Galungan, celebrating in their family villages just like Christmas  and New year, spent with family and friends, celebrating good triumphing over evil.  A very proud tradition when all the streets are lined with pole decorations called Penjors. Some are quite elaborate and can cost up to $150 each and when you consider most pool boys earn that in 1 month it is extravagant.

The homewares are now done, the car is loaded with bags so it’s time to check out some of the cool and groovy instragamable places like Finns Beach club, The Lawn Canggu etc.  We then had a quick beer in the garden at Old Mans……

Old mans hasn’t changed in years and I love that about some places, even when the new ones come along all  hip and cool  somethings remain the same  and I love a good beer garden!


As we wandered back down the road checking out the stores we came across one of those amazing little veggie cafes that Lee has eaten at 1000’s of times and in we go. It reminded Jess and I of Emelia’s in Curl Curl on the Northern Beaches of Sydney…. really really yummy fresh food divine! Vegetarian and meat styled burritos, whole coconuts for drinking yes! We have found another new favourite.

The afternoon is upon us and we head back to our hotel via 1 way streets through the rice fields and no road rules followed here! This photo is our car going the correct way whilst everyone else NOT!

Our with a car full of little bags, the bell boy nearly died! We lugged our purchase up stairs and had a rest before we headed out to Dinner at another recommendation Da Maria- a Pizza Pasta and Salad bar. Tick!



  1. Wendy Collett | 15th Nov 17

    Love it as usual! Can almost feel I’m there with you x

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