Grand Canyon with Air Nyon


Oops I did it again, no I didn’t see Brittany- Steve and I jumped in a helicopter with Air Nyon, like Lindy and I did in New York and flew out to the canyon- with the doors off woo hoo!

Considering this time last week, Las Vegas wasn’t even on the agenda, we have lucked into an awesome hotel, and an amazing trip out to one of the 7 wonders of the world – The Grand Canyon on a helicopter.
Flying with the doors off is seriously an amazing experience on its own – getting to spend an hour flying out there and back over Hoover Dam, of course we are in the desert so you cant really call this area pretty, however it is a pretty amazing.

Then there is Lake Mead- the largest man made lake in the Western Hemisphere when full, that flows all the way to the Grand Canyon. It’s popular in the hot summers for camping, swimming, boating.

The Colorado River, now that’s pretty with its little sandy hollows and enjoyed by swimmers and kayakers alike.
We hit the western rim of the Grand Canyon for our 15 minute fly into the canyon and wow! Just wow it’s extraordinary and it’s here we hang over the side of the helicopter.

Steve is in the adventure seat as the winds out here are big and I didn’t think I’d be able to get back off the floor (adventure seat) and i am glad I didn’t. I just sat in the top seat and swung my legs around and out the door…… the wind was whipping way harder than in NYC, however the pilot said we were going way faster than what we would have then. My eyes were watering and my nose felt like it was burning from the wind. What an adrenaline rush! Soon we were on our way back to Boulder City a half an hour drive from downtown Las Vegas, with our silly grins and helicopter hair styles! All up it was just over an hour which was perfect as Steve is here to actually work!

Seriously anywhere you can see Brittany, Elton,Cher, Ricky Martin and Celine ….. it’s supposed to be bigger and better in Texas but really I don’t know anymore.

Allegedly there are 2 major outlets on the main Vegas strip- north and south. I haven’t been to either because The Fashion Mall I have found a few blocks away with 3 Macy’s stores, my fav Anthropologie store, Victorias Secrets, Urban Outfitters are all here.

We spent last night- Halloween in Fremont Street Precinct. A pedestrian mall that we now know you can zip line through, bars, shops casinos and classed as the old part of town and It looked awesome. Vegas and Halloween should be classed as the 8th wonder of the world! Crazy fun, more adults dressed up and we felt very safe lots of police presence which was weird because at one stage a little scuffle broke out and we couldn’t figure out if was real or staged.

We headed home around midnight after some cool street food, live music and shows and free pour alcohol… mmmm

All was good though, and Steve made it to the Convention on time. I took this amazing photo from the hotel at 7.15am as the sun was starting its journey today.

So the day after Halloween and the stores are already switching to Thanks Giving and Christmas.
That’s all for now,

Mrs Wong x


  1. Lee parker | 2nd Nov 17

    Awesome adventure and pics are unreal, glad it was you and Steve hanging out the helicoptor door not me (too scared)

  2. Alan | 2nd Nov 17

    No time for fishing out of the copter?

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