I’ve been to Bali too…..

Hello world,

I’m returning to a country I haven’t been to in over 5 years. Bali Indonesia.

We were in Thailand for a wedding a few years ago, visiting the coastal town of Hua Hin, 3 hours from Bangkok for 4 nights, followed by another 5 nights at the very popular Koh Samui. It was so beautiful and relaxing that although I know you should never say never, I remember thinking I may never go back to Bali……

There was less rubbish, less traffic and less hawker hassling… If they asked you to buy something and you said no thank you, they said OK and didn’t annoy you. It’s not like I have been back to Thailand, however I have travelled probably more in the last 5 years than any other time in my life.

Good old social media leads me to believe that the traffic and hawkers in Bali may still be the same however the shopping and restaurants now all look like they have improved 100% and really 6 hours on a plane for a 7 night holiday is perfect, and now here I am on a flight to Bali.

I’m travelling with my eldest daughter Jess on Cheapy cheap flights we jagged with Virgin Australia 5 months ago. At the airport in Sydney, you pass all the beautiful people shops like Tiffany, Fendi etc. Jess comments ‘why don’t they have normal shops too’. Good point well made. Even the McDonalds is getting a make over.

For breakfast we enjoy the ever popular smashed avo and feta on toast for the bargain price of $56 ( must have been my 1 poached egg and piccolo coffee that increased the price- kidding), you wonder what rental they are paying or their profit margin.

Anyway back to the flight, as I said it’s a cheapy no entertainment, or food package, its not a full flight and the young guy sitting next to me leaves to find his mates, so Jess and I now have a seat between us. On the flight there are boy groups, girl groups, families, seniors and I think maybe a few schoolies, the always present Bogan or 3 and a footy team. Today we are travelling with the Morrisset F.C. they are down the back of the plane.

As we have no meal plan, we decided to grab some food at the airport. 2 jars of chia pudding with coconut yoghurt and rhubarb in take away cups please and somehow I hand over another $28 ! No they aren’t large jars in fact they are the size of a regular coffee cup. They don’t miss, price wise and as those around us are eating crappy airline food, Jess and I are glad we purchased yummy filling cups of goodness and enjoy every mouthful.

The flight goes relatively quick as the 2nd meal and drink service comes around, Jess and I eat our Sumo Salad that we bought from the airport. I have a red wine chaser and Jess a Tim tam. Ah life’s little holiday pleasures. Not having a screen Jess says I wonder where we are. As Virgin have an entertainment app I suggest she checks to see if they have a map. My guess is we are just leaving the coast of Australia, and heading over water. Jess checks the app and look at that -just heading into the Indian Ocean and over water and approx 1.5 hours to go, and oh no the little people have started chatting to Jess she says its the air pressure but I’ve lived with that gal for 29 years…..

Someone just farted I did smell it first ( but it wasn’t me) and then of course Jess inhales it. Oh her facial expression is gold, we both just starting cracking up and the Jess shares a little person story and tells me that a trivia fact is you breathe in 1 litre of someone else’s farts everyday!

Well I just breathed in the whole litre in 1 sniff on the plane! We are both laughing loudly and crying. Thank goodness its only 30 minutes till we land, and I’m sure those old familiar stinky Bali smells will come back.

Our flight arrives with what feels like 15 others and the usual queue rush to ge through customs and make sure no one has given you a body board bag, and we are  at our hotel. Driving from the airport is relatively smooth once you are out of the car park and before long we see the familiar sights.

I’ve never stayed at this new Hotel the Bandha , but it is around our old stomping ground in Legian…….some things have changed but what never changes is the beautiful Balinese people always smiling, always polite and grateful we are visiting their country .

The restaurant attached to our hotel is Mozarella by the sea…… and 2 for 1 cocktails  are flowing I can’t make up my mind so I have this great idea that instead of sharing we just get 2 each….

Great plan !

Enjoy the weekend

Mrs Wong xx


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