Farewell Sri Lanka……

My last blog from this beautiful tear shaped Island. A really happy place to visit where the people are just so friendly wherever we have been and could not have been more helpful.

Our last 2 days have been down on the coast again close to the town of Galle. We are staying on a Bay in Unawatuna, enjoying the warm ocean the super warm sun which of course brings humidity. There are 2 pools or the ocean to choose from…… well actually 3 pools ~I found the kiddy pool under a tree and it was a lovely cool temp unlike the other warmer pools and I spent the whole morning reading a book whilst submerged.

We take a morning walk along the beach watching the area come to life just after sunrise pretty shells along the tide line, waves dumping and crashing right on the shore just like they do at home in Narrabeen in Sydney.

Our team are all doing their own thing up early beach combing, running in the soft sand or having a sleep in.

One thing I haven’t really talked about is the community dogs. Our travel doctor of course said don’t touch any animal, and some of these dogs you just really want to pat. They are fed by the community but I’m not sure how much love they get….. they just want company. Anyway we have fed them when we can and of course some of them are so spoilt and fussy at the restaurants, they don’t want your Dosala bread or roti they want your chicken curry!

This morning I photographed some puppies as we walked the beach, some follow you some are sleeping in the sand or under a palm tree. What a life.

It’s a really pretty bay where we are although a little crowded for our liking, still we have had the most wonderful wonderful time here and I’m sure all of us would come back if there wasn’t 4000 other places in the world we want to visit.

Tonight we went back into the heritage Galle Fort to photograph the lighthouse. It was crazy busy in there as its the full moon festival. Here’s a click before the sunset and then later tonight after our yummy curry meal at Mary’s roof top cafe.

Tomorrow we are off the the Maldives, not some posh resort, we will be travelling on a small Dhoni boat around the southern atolls and we aren’t too sure about wifi reception. So if no one here’s from us don’t panic we haven’t gone Gilligan’s Island just yet, just taking a forced sabbatical from social media and mobile phones.

Happy Easter to all our families and friends and we will chat to you soon!

Big hugs Mrs W xx

PS I wonder if the Easter bunny will find us in the Maldives ??



  1. Alan | 31st Mar 18

    He is alive and well in narrabeen

  2. Mimi Reynolds | 8th Apr 18

    Can’t wait to check out Beautiful Sri Lanka for myself
    Love that lighthouse???

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