H.E.A.V.E.N In Ella ❤️

High on a hill was a lonely goat herd Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo……

The hills are well and truly alive in Ella! Back packers at every bend in the road, the Monks walking in a single line with their bath bowls etc and us up above them all enjoying the amazing views. From lashing rain to the mist rolling in then brilliant sunshine it’s hard to not be amazed at the beautiful world we live in !

As we arrived at our hotel yesterday, the mini bus can barely make it up the steep hill to the hotel and neither could the boys tuk tuk last night…. they got a bit of a refund as Steve had to get out push the tuk tuk with David in the tuk tuk holding the wine ??

the Adventure team!

Ah too funny. After our hectic day yesterday, David, Steve and I become the adventure team, with the fearless 5 staying home to lie by the pool or head into sleepy little Ella for hour long massages.

We set off for Little Adams Peak and along the way we see signs saying Mini Adams Peak, Small Adams Peak , it’s hilarious how they all relate and are different. The path to the top  is lovely through tea plantations as we wind our way around the track. It’s fine for us however I think lonely planet need to update to say the path from the flower garden, then becomes a bit of a  goat track which leads to 371 steep steep steps and then at the top of the mountain it’s a real goat track to reach the peak and although we managed fine some people really struggled!

Woo hoo it’s hot and humid and we feel alive as we look across to Mount Ella. It’s a blue bird kinda day.  We can see our hotel on the other mountain side and wave to Gwyn and Pete who are lying around the pool and we then head off back down the hill to town to try and find the massage group.

No luck there so we set up camp and this cool and groovy coffee house and have the best coffee we have had all trip. We just get on the bus to head home and our bus boy sees Di, Stuart and Lindy so it’s off the bus to  have lunch at cafe 360  and have the best roti for $4 a head !

We then head home for a quick swim, before we are off again by choice to see the 9 arches bridge.  We arrive at  Ella Train station to discover we are actually  aren’t getting on a train, we walking along the train track to the bridge of the nine arches !

We thought we were driving there…… our guide Sam says we have a half hour fast walk before the next train arrives at Ella, so guess what? We smashed it out in 20 minutes had time for a quick bush wee and a couple of photos … go team and all enjoyed a little bit of singing  as we walked along.

We arrive with (a few other visitors) and travel through a tunnel to the far side of this amazing British built bridge made only of sand stone take a few pics, watch a swarm of bees appear out of no where and hope and pray they don’t travel towards us as there is no where to go!

In the distance we hear the trains warning toot approach and there it is – the local blue train travelling to Colombo for the next 7 hours, with locals and tourists on the train  taking photos of all the tourists on the railway line  and us on the edge of the bridge taking photos of them, there are smiles all round.   I’m in heaven as this is in my top few things to do on this trip !

The walk along the railway line is only about 3 kilometres each way from Ella train station and as we stroll back along the train line and Gwyn finds this sign!!! Too funny

Sleep well world – I know we will.

Mrs W xx

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