Sri Lanakan Adventure

Just sit right back and I’ll tell you a tale a tale of an exciting trip! ?☀???

So it’s time for us to say Bon Voyage again as we are off to the beautiful tear drop shaped island of Sri Lanka. An island fringed with beautiful palm  trees, ? mountains covered in tea plantations with both British and Dutch influences of days gone by.

We are really looking forward to G &T’s ? on the roof top bar of the Galle Face Hotel, eating black pepper crab ? at the Ministry of Crab, seeing a world heritage Lighthouse in the Dutch fort Galle, along with some classic holiday adventures – like riding the local train? hiking through the mountains ⛰ and going on safari through a wildlife park ??

Our tour starts with our flight ✈ to Singapore from Sydney, then a flight ✈ to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka before we travel in our private car down to the coastal area of Unawatuna ☀?? and Talpe to a Hotel with a name we are very familiar with…. The Owl and the Pussycat Hotel. ??

After running a childcare centre on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for 20 years this year called the Owl and the Pussycat Preschool, Lindy my business partner and I, decided we needed a special year of celebrations and holidays, and as this hotel is named the same as our business ~ what a place to start!

We will spend 3 nights here before heading to Colombo for our Gin and tonics and some yummy finger licking good crab.

We then jump on a G Adventures tour commencing in Negombo a town about 40 minutes from Colombo. On our tour are 6 other buddies, and using Lindy and my nicknames the tour has a slight twist across Gillian’s island with Lindy being the skipper and yours truly the Little Buddy….. just like our business card ~ short blonde /tall brunette we are going with this theme and although Ginger won’t be joining us, Mr And Mrs Howell, The professor and Marianne, the skippers, Gilligan and the Little Buddy are all on tour.

I felt such a trip warranted t-shirts and hats and our art director Di, to be known on this trip as Marianne agreed and under “No pressure” at all  Marianne created an island design with all our names -and little drawings depicting a little bit about each of us (mine has a camera?) and our friends at Embroidme Mona Vale used the art work to create matchy matchy singlets, t shirts and caps! ???

I have pre packed and re packed as I usually do for at least the week before I travel, and am now enjoying a holiday beverage whilst Steve packs his bag.

Gee if only I didn’t have to research, plan, coerce my travel buddies that this is such a great idea, book it, pay for it…. I wouldn’t need to pre pack sun cream, cameras, extra strong mozzie spray, floats for the boat trip ( tell you about that later) attend the travel doctor and get every possible drug we need. I’d just get engaged in the idea of this trip- just on 48 hours before when his mates say ‘oh mate you will love it ‘ ….

Yep I’d be just packing now too !

Lucky I ❤ him

See you on the flip side  Mrs W xx







  1. Wendy Collett | 23rd Mar 18

    Wishing we were there……but will see it through your marvellous blogs, and definitely be there on the next trip we’re included in!

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