Sri Lanka ~ ‘singing’ 1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4 …. are you over 55 ? We are ?????

I don’t think I have ever met a more helpful and friendly nation of people. It’s my new favourite country and I already want to come back ??❤

The staff at our hotel although primarily male, could not be more helpful or happy to get your coffee ☕ or cocktail ? just the way you like it.

They tidy your room like I have never seen before including a line up your Toiletries from small to large and as we know they are males doing this ~ it’s kinda cute ❤??

We met the owner of this family owned hotel today, a lovely lady (I’m pretty sure she was over 55 too) – of Indian heritage, who grew up in New York and currently lives in Italy.

She asked the 8 of us would we like to stay at her new hotel in Colombo ? and be her guinea pigs – alas we are just too busy as our little taster tour of This tear shaped island starts on Monday .

Ahhhhh she could also be our new best friend as she owns and runs another small boutique in Italy  and if it’s any thing like this…. get saving guys Italy ?? 2023 ??? its all those little things, artwork, toiletries supplies, a library ….

Our day yesterday kicked off with a trip to Galle Fort after yoga for some of us.

We travelled by small van with another new friend Asunka, who dodged trucks, tuk tuks and buses on the wrong side of the road and safely drove us into the heritage listed Galle Fort. It was recommended that due the heat and busy tourist season we go in early and had a couple of hours to wander the streets of Galle Fort .

It was warm and luckily for the boys too early for most shops to be open. We enjoyed a couple of hours strolling the shopping precinct stopped for a fabulous fresh lime and soda drink before we strolled again under trees to a market place and a quick tour inside the Galle Fort Hotel, before we stoped to buy a hand of bananas ? at the fruit stalls.

On our return to the hotel for a swim and lunch before massages, chakra rebalance and reiki,  our friendly stilt fisherman were back, so Steve ventured out to the ocean to see them up close.

We had heard stories about the famous stilt fisherman and how they expected to be paid to be photographed sitting on their famous sticks  in the ocean.  Along our strip of ocean, we discovered today this could not be further from the truth.

Steve met a fisherman who’s almost over 55 years old he has been fishing with his family down here for over 40 years . He told Steve these fish are small sardines that arrive at sunrise 5.30am and leave just after sunset at 6-30pm.

They come in to the shallow rocky crops to feed on the sea grass and swarm the shallow waters.

These fisherman sell their catch almost as fast as they catch it . Our new friend said he was one of the best and quickest  catching a fish almost every 7 seconds so he catches approx 450 fish an hour ? and at the bargain price of 5 rupee a fish  you earn $22 -$25 per hour .

The fish see the sparkle of the almost paper lip like small hook. They are also attracted to the sound of the hook hitting the water ! I might not give up my day job just yet

Ahhhh another fun day packed with fun, food, friendship and new adventures ???

Mrs W

ps as Steve and I have just turned 55 and are now technically over 55 we are enjoying asking people if they are over 55 yet .

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