Goooood Morning Vietnam ??

Sorry! Just had to say it once !   We are in Ha noi Vietnam.

After flying out of Sydney, on a smoke hazed winters day with only a half full plane- it was the best flight with great service, food, drinks and company.

They fed us then popped the window screens up and turned the lights out, which was pretty funny considering we were only 2 and a half hours out of Sydney and it’s 4-30pm ! But how cool is the cloud view heading north !

shhhh ! Lindy is asleep

Our group of 5 gals arrived late into this amazing city that is mystical and elegant -diverse in culture, modern and old worldly, steeped in traditions of people who enjoy their freedom after all the war and disharmony.

Hanoi is a cultural society of 54 ethnic groups that live together peacefully with customs, practices and festivals. Ha meaning the river and noi meaning inside the river ~

With 8 million people living in this crammed busy city blending the new and the old there is always something to see.

The old town is filled with streets like silver street, linen street, hat street … get the picture?

Food stalls, shops, hotels, hawkers, street food it’s busy hectic and we love it.

Our day today started with an 8-30am pick up on the bus toot toot off we went.

We visited the jail that held the political prisoners, both men and woman who were housed in terrible quarters and also American pilots that were captured and detained……

my face tells the story of atrocity in war

Its incredible to see, more so because I was a young child and a this was going on !

We then go to see Uncle Ho …. well there was no ho ho ho here !

Just a regimented orderly ‘procession’ of 2 x 2 persons-  no cameras, no sun glasses, no bags just following along like sheep around the gardens to the resting place of Ho Chi Min embalmed and surrounded by serious soldiers telling us don’t touch the railing, hands by your side, take your hands out of your pockets, ssshhhhh!!!!! No pics allowed.
I just really want to know is he real or a wax replica? Tick ✔

Next off the bucket list is this amazing street covered in 3D art ~ ??❤???

A happy photographer right there!

OMG ! it was Devine, a whole street of amazing 3D installations and very few tourists! winning… Along the arches of  Long Bien Bridge in Phung Hung street. A community artworks for tourists and cultures to share is a collaborative between Korean and Vietnamese artists.

Then it is on to train ?? street ! Another must see ~where we see people living on either side of this street just like we do, only this street is about 4 metres ( ? ) wide and filled with a working train track that has a train pass through twice a day. Pack up washing, move the motorbikes round up the chickens and shut the doors, cos here comes the train!  Again I’m not sure where all the tourists are but im super happy they aren’t here with us in my photos.

Mimi and I on our first overseas trip together….. I hope it’s not the last

Now we didn’t see the train today, just took pics, supported local artists by buying their wares and strolled- Well actually we rock hopped along the tracks. If we have time tomorrow we may go back and watch the train pass through.

Food here is art and filled with nostalgia – we ate today where Barack Obama and Anthony Bordain shared a meal. Their table is now encased in perspex and you can see pics of where they sat.

The famous dish, that is only available in Ha noi is called Bun cha –  roast pork and BBQ pork arrives in a steaming bowl of hot broth that is served with vermicelli rice noodles, greens, chilli, garlic !          H E A V E N ? Just add what you want.

Of course this is all washed down with Ha noi Beer !

This afternoon has been fun getting lost in the old quarter lanes, drinking beer on the street corners, a few cocktails lots of laughs over 1000 photos to look at…. oh and did I mention we got a noise complaint at 12.30pm……. oh dear we have arrived.

Ah it’s so much fun and although technically day 2,  our first full day in Vietnam has been epic.

Love ? Mrs Wong  xx





  1. Wendy Collett | 30th May 18

    Looking good ladies , have fun and enjoy ?!

  2. Mark | 30th May 18

    Xin chao you lot.? geez you are packing in the sights? Love your first entry Lyn. I knew you would find the fun bits in Hanoi. ????
    Don’t forget the Women’s museum. You will then understand why the men sit around playing cards and drinking beer and caphe sua da’s. Because the women do everything??
    Oh and try the Vietnamese iced coffee. Better than Red Bull and much more refreshing.
    Awaiting the next installment.
    Did I mention that I hate you all for being in my fave city without me ??????????

  3. Sandy sheather | 30th May 18

    Wow, I love that you have finally got to holiday and enjoy the culture, history, food and people of Vietnam. Love your blog and Iam extremely jealous that Iam not there with you. Iam sure it is a bundle of laughs. ??x SS

  4. Madeleine | 31st May 18

    Wow so beautifully described and fantastic pics. I didn’t see the steet art place so looks like I need to go back to Hanoi. Ha ! Can’t wait for he next instalment. PS All you ladies seem to age like wine. ??????

  5. John parker | 31st May 18

    Amazing photos and story telling …wow

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