Kia Orana – Cook Islands ??

21.2292 S 159.7763 W

I really wish I was better at Geography. Considering how much I love to travel, you would think I was. However my

Philosophy is- the sun always sets with sundowners of some sort and rises with beach yoga ….. so it doesn’t really matter – does it ?

We (the passport controller ) and I are heading to the stunning main Island in the Cooks Islands- Rarotonga. East of American Samoa, the beautiful ‘Cooks’ are across the international date line in the Southern Pacific Ocean ….. see Geography! So you arrive 21 hours before you leave!

As I am lucky to have been here before, this time I booked the accomodation for the day before,to allow us to drop our bags and just chill in our Air bnb villa as we actually arrive at 6.30am after the night before flight at 9:30pm.

Confused? Me too. That’s where Steve comes in handy as a travel buddy. We somehow jagged an upgrade from premium economy to Business with the beautiful Air New Zeland (that’s how they pronounce it not spell it ).

Our flight out of Sydney is a direct flight and although it was delayed, we enjoyed all the Christmas spirit in the stunning Air New Zealand lounge of turkey and veggies (because we haven’t eaten enough over the past 4 days) including a few glasses of wine/champagne and I did drink a large glass of H2O )so the lounge took care of any angst! It’s a night flight direct to “Raro” from Sydney and just over 6 hours.

The Cook Islands are surrounded by stunning reefs, waves rolling into the lagoon beaches with swaying palm trees and the only issue really being falling coconuts! Be careful where you park to go snorkeling!

It’s the Christmas holidays and will therefore be quite busy as the Polynesians and New Zealanders alike travel here on holidays or are visiting family. It’s high season, wet season and also cyclone season, so fingers crossed our week here will be just the usual afternoon storm.

So If you feel like reading along on the blog please do !

See you on the other side (of the international date line that is) !

Mrs Wong and Steve the bag carrier and passport controller- now where is my …………xx


  1. Mimi | 31st Dec 18

    Yeah it’s holiday time will be following the new adventures xxx

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