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I’ll shortly be heading off on another adventure, back to North Africa, and whilst I have been to Morocco twice before, this time around, I’m joining Alyssa from Solomade Travel on one of her small group tours.

Based out of Melbourne Alyssa is a registered travel agent and organises tours/day trips both domestically and internationally from Australia. Alyssa also organised

my flights, which was a bonus and although I am Sydney based, the communication was amazing.

We all lead such busy lives, and to join a small tour with a guarantee of your own room….. what is not to love.

Like minded women who want to travel and not necessarily want to travel alone. Some don’t have partners, or may just want a girls trip, either way I’m a true fan of small group travel, it is such a wonderful way to see the world and you get to make new friends and share adventures together.

The safety of this type of tour is always a winner, and to have a tour curated to see the “best of” without the worry of missing connections, meeting a tour guide, planning activities – all of this is taken care of.  You just turn up.

Don’t get me wrong it can be busy, and there is always a time schedule, yet there is enough down time to relax or wander plus having your own space to embrace a little quiet time is also wonderful.

We will be travelling vast distances through beautiful North Africa from the Atlantic Ocean up to the mountains and beyond.  Alyssa tells me a few of the people on our “Morocco Revealed” tour have travelled with her before, so I’m sure although we will all arrive at varying stages into the very cosmopolitan Casablanca – “Casa”, I’m super excited to meet all these new travel buddies.

Our welcome dinner will be at the stunning Dar Dada restaurant, a Moroccan Fusion restaurant inside the Medina, that I have never been to, and Alyssa has planned for us to be here on the final night of Ramadan -a very spiritual and holy month for the local community where they fast during the day and break their fast between sundown and sunrise.

The mood in Casa will be simply amazing, families and friends getting together to break their fast and also the end of Ramadan, its spring in Morocco, so the weather will be lovely too.

Morocco is a big country and our travels will take us through  imperial cities along the coast, up into the High Atlas Mountains and quaint villages before down into the desert, across the Middle Atlas mountains and to ancient ruins.

These type of small tours have very comfortable mini buses, that get you from one city to the next. There is always time for a coffee and toilet stop. Our tour group will be supported by an experienced local guide.

During our adventures, we will wander through medieval cities with cobble-stoned Medinas, seeing the locals go about their day, enjoying middle eastern food all whilst staying in stunning 5 star riads and hotels, that have all been beautifully curated by Alyssa.

Medinas are traditional walled towns, filled with local people going about their everyday life in laneways, that are a maze of shops, incredible restaurants and tea houses and alleys that you can’t help but get lost in.

A riad traditionally is the word for garden, however when you look at some of these beautiful homes, that are now small boutique hotels, I think todays version is more a ‘stunning garden courtyard’. 

With under a week till we leave, I have started my pre packing preparation, as this trip recommends covered shoulders and longer dresses below the knee, not only for the larger cities but also for our village visits we may be travelling through, respecting their traditional ways.  Although Morocco is a Muslim country they are quite liberal in the bigger cities like Marrakech.

It has also been suggested that for our camel ride in the desert, we wear loose pants! Have you ever got on or off a camel? It can be quite daunting and also funny! One hump or two?  I love the desert, endless hills and valleys of warm red sand, travelled over by Berber nomads still to this day.

We need to also pack for cool nights and warm days, so the good old duck down puffer jacket is always a handy investment in your day pack, should the weather be cool. 

Alyssa uses an app for all the trip details, therefore environmentally saving the planet one plastic travel wallet at a time. If you are an avid traveller like me, this app is next level.

What is amazing about the travel app, is that all those important documents like insurance are stored here, along with your flight details and the itinerary, so you know where you are heading the next day.

It also has a local map with your hotel’s details that work without wifi.  So helpful when you have been wandering the local Medinas and forget where home is !

Anyway I’m off to find my 2 pin 220 volt electricity charger for my appliances and pack my sards wonder stick for laundry.

I hope you follow along as we head off on the tour, I can’t wait to meet my new travel buddies and get out and see Morocco again.

Till next time

Mrs Wong xoxo

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