Welcome to our blog

We like to think we’ve put together something pretty special, but really it’s just our travel blog- of our amazing trips and experiences that we like to share.

Our Philosophy-

To enjoy and live the moment, wherever we go . It’s always wine o’clock somewhere!

Our Mission

Travel the world while you can and smile .

Our Team


Hobart Tasmania

Lynda Watton

Lynda is a short gorgeous blonde, who as The Creative Director likes nothing better than to take pics as she wanders for a while


Steve Mccarthy
Baggage and passport control.

Steve is the passport holder, bag carrier and general gofer. Following and losing Lynda as she wanders taking photos of anything and everything…. how many photos of doors do we need ?

This blog is for us to remember our trips and keep our family and friends updated. Follow along if you like.

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